Economic turbulence and cash flow pressures are having a huge impact on the insolvency landscape, and accountants are increasingly playing a key role. The earlier you can spot signs, and intervene when a business is going into decline, the better the chances of bringing a struggling business back to health.

This course will help you identify the factors that can lead a business to fail and help you spot the early warning signs. It looks at ways to rescue a company but, most importantly, it outlines when you need to call in the insolvency experts, even if that’s not what the directors want to hear. Once in the insolvency process, this course outlines your role as an accountant, and how you can support the process and your client. Finally, a clear understanding of the regulation surrounding insolvency, will ensure you act ethically, and with integrity, even in difficult situations.

This course will enable you to:

  • understand the accountant’s role in insolvency
  • spot the warning signs and know the right time to call an insolvency or turnaround expert
  • understand the range of options if a turnaround effort fails
  • trace domestic and international assets, using forensic technology where appropriate
  • understand the regulation and the ethical codes associated with insolvency.


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