We are delighted to partner with The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to offer ACCA members two unique opportunities to gain CIA status. 

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) status is a globally recognised mark of authority in internal auditing. You’ll be recognised and trusted in your field. And ready to take the next step into a new area of your career.

Pathway 1: The CIA Challenge Exam. ACCA members are eligible to take an expedited pathway to obtain the CIA designation. Traditional the CIA is a 3-part program; however, with specific applications windows as listed below, ACCA members are eligible to take a one-part examination.

Pathway 2: For the traditional 3-part program ACCA members are not required to submit proof of education or professional experience. Learn more below.

The IIA Challenge exam (Pathway 1)

The CIA Challenge Exam is a limited opportunity to earn the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) designation through an expedited – ‘fast track’ – process. Offered for a limited time each year, you’ll only need to pass one multiple choice exam to become a CIA, saving you time and money.

  • Important dates - Program Timeline
    • Application window: April - September
    • First attempt testing windows: June, August, November, or February
    • Once your application is approved, please note you have 180 days to register, schedule, and sit for the exam.
  • Exam retake dates
    • Registration and exam scheduling: all year
    • Retake test windows: June, August, November and February
  • Important dates (Mainland China ONLY)
    • Registration: 1 April – 30 September
    • Schedule: 1 February – 5 February
      • Test/Retake: 3 March at 9am ICT only
    • Schedule: 1 May – 8 May
      • Test/Retake: 2 June at 9am ICT only
    • Schedule: 1 August – 8 August
      • Test/Retake: 8 September at 9am ICT only
    • Schedule 1 November – 8 November
      • Test/Retake: 8 December at 9am ICT only

Education and Experience Exception (Pathway 2)

Your ACCA membership is recognised by The IIA as satisfying the education and professional experience requirements for the CIA program. Therefore, you are not required to submit proof of education or professional experience.

Candidates must be an active full member of ACCA, students are ineligible. A current letter of good standing is required from ACCA indicating full member status.

The IIA will verify ACCA membership when a member applies for the CIA program.

Once you have been approved into the program, you have three years to successfully complete all three CIA exam parts. You do not have to complete the exam parts in order. Learn more under the IIA supporting requirement exceptions.

Need to know more?

Please contact IIA direct
Email: customerrelations@theiia.org
Phone: +1-407-937-1111  (USA)
Web: IIA website

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