Part of ACCA's Women's Network Panel series of "Women's Wednesday Webinars" supporting female members in their careers.

From debilitating panic attacks to CEO and Co-Founder of a women’s global wellness app. 

What I’ll cover:

1.What lead me to having a breakdown.

2.How I managed to recover the story and my 5 tips for how I look after my mental wellbeing and balance all the competing priorities in my life

3.The story of setting up Clementine. Including; 

  • how I came up with the idea
  • how I built it
  • where are we now
  • key learnings along the way (the good and the bad)

4. Where to next? A bit about my family vision, our vision for Clementine and how I manage to keep laser light focused on these bigger life goals.

Social handles

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - @clementineappuk


  • 12:30 - Presentation
  • 13:15 - Q&A session
  • 13:30 - Webinar end.


Kim Palmer Co-Founder of Clementine

Kim Palmer is co-founder and CEO of Clementine App, a strategy director for Wunderman Thompson, and lives with her husband and their two sons, aged four and one, in Kent.