Mentors are six times more likely to be promoted, and mentees 78% more engaged with their organisations as a consequence of participating in a mentoring programme.

As these figures show, mentoring is a transformational process; raising professional engagement and performance in both the mentor and the mentee.

ACCA has launched a new online mentoring programme for members and affiliates, to support career development and bring this power to you.

In this, the first of three webinars, we explain how mentoring works and how both parties learn from it. This session is for mentors and mentee.

In subsequent webinars (one for mentors and the other for mentees), we take a deep dive into exactly how each role works and how to get the most from the experience. If you have applied to be both a mentor and a mentee, you are welcome to join both webinars.

Learning outcomes

  • Distinguish mentoring from other development approaches
  • Understand the mentoring model and process
  • Know how mentoring can help with continuous learning goals
  • Understanding of ACCA’s Mentoring Programme


Ashim Kumar, FCCA, MBA, FRSA

As a business leader and consultant, Ashim has worked with large multi-nationals including the ‘Big 4’, BAT, Unilever and IKEA, as well as smaller firms. He has led companies and delivered services across Europe, Asia and the Middle-East for over 25 years. This experience has shaped a global mindset. 

He merges extensive practical experience with exceptional communication skills to deliver comprehensive workshops and executive coaching services to partners.

Ashim is a certified leadership coach and mentor, and heads up the leadership module on an AMBA-accredited MBA programme in Poland. He is CEO of AKA Lead, whose philosophy is to enable measurable improvement through a sustained change in performance.

Clare Hodgson, Head of professional development, ACCA 

Clare Hodgson is head of professional development products at ACCA. Clare is responsible for ACCA’s global online CPD product offering, designed to support ACCA members enhance their careers by developing their skills and knowledge. Clare recently led the project team to launch ACCA’s mentoring programme.