Accountants need to be increasingly responsive and flexible to keep up with the rapidly evolving and challenging business environment. They must produce information more quickly, and adapt swiftly, to develop and amend plans, and to continuously revise strategy as circumstances unfold. Agile offers a framework for this new way of reporting, planning, forecasting, managing and decision making. 

This course highlights the core principles of the Agile Manifesto and explains how agile principles can help you streamline your processes, without compromising quality or increasing risk. You will learn how to implement a framework that applies agile methodology to all your accounting practices, including month-end reporting, business planning, forecasting and decision making. 

The course will enable you to:

  • understand the principles and characteristics of agile accounting, and the benefits of using them in your role
  • apply agile accounting to finance transactions, including the period-end close
  • define agile performance management and your responsibilities in this area
  • explain the benefits of agile business planning and forecasting compared to traditional approaches
  • use agile decision making in your finance role to support organisational strategy.

Key information

  • learn at your own pace
  • help meet your annual CPD requirements
  • exclusive member benefit – 10% discount
  • iPad/Android compatible.
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