It's unlikely that any business will pass through times of instability unscathed. However, those who manage to survive adversity – even in the most trying times – are the businesses that possess the most resilient structures and foundations. But what are these structures, and how can you create a more resilient organisation?

This course guides you through how to build resilience within your organisation. It discusses the structures needed to create an agile and lean organisation, and how this helps business management when facing a crisis. You'll also discover what good management looks like during the recovery period, and how a crisis provides the opportunity to build resilience.

In this course you will:

  • discover what is meant by resilience and the basis your organisation needs to be resilient
  • understand that resilience involves restructuring your organisation to make it more lean and agile
  • familiarise yourself with the different elements of business management that need adapting when facing a crisis
  • identify what good management looks like during the recovery period, including managing business and employee morale.
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