A just transition to a more sustainable world needs to balance the economic, environmental and social value created by all businesses and organisations. Environmental aspects are under intense focus, but social considerations are integral to sustainability. And with societal expectations and regulation putting increasing pressure on entities to have robust social strategies in place, the accounting and finance profession must embrace this agenda now. 

This webinar is being held in partnership with BDO. Join our panel of experts to explore:

  • why this matters to your business or organisation, and why it matters now
  • why this is so relevant to the accountancy profession and your future role
  • how this is changing the role of the CFO, and the rise of the ‘chief value officer’
  • how to start integrating the social agenda into your sustainability journey
  • what the practical challenges are and how to overcome them
  • new ACCA and BDO research findings: Chief value officer: the important evolution of the CFO
  • ACCA’s new report, Accounting for society’s values
  • how ACCA is Accounting for a better world.