About The Class

This immersive practical workshop is for accountants who want to push the boundaries of what they can achieve with Excel and the speed with which they can achieve their goals.

Various styles of activities and collaborative challenges have been designed to keep participants engaged and involved for the entire duration of the online workshop for all participants to optimise their learning and value from attending this course.

These hands-on activities will allow participants to get familiar with less talked about Excel functions to optimise their workflow, get familiar with the Excel’s programming studio interface, learn about coding essentials, and apply this knowledge to their daily activities with Excel.

Who should attend

Experienced users of Excel with at least an intermediate knowledge on Excel functionalities such as

  • Data validation
  • Conditional formatting
  • Tables and Pivot Tables
  • Text splitting, joining and delimitation
  • Nested formularisation


Please note that this webinar is conducted in Singapore's timezone and charged in Singapore dollars. 

Training methodology

Digital whiteboard, scenario-based activities, and group problem solving.


Your own computer with Microsoft Office and Excel installed is required for this session.

We recommended the use of Microsoft Excel 2010 and above for this class.


Jerina Loh, ACCA, CA (Singapore)

Jerina has been a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist since 2008, started her career in audit in 2014 and qualified as an ACCA member in 2019.

Having audited a variety of industries from financial services to manufacturing and construction as well as government agencies, she met many accountants and auditors who were overworked and dealing with paperwork, filing, data entry, reconciliations and other administrative processes despite being fully qualified accountants. During her time in the audit industry, she was driven to identify gaps in audit and accounting processes and creating automation solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of these functions.

This has inspired in her a lifelong goal to contribute to the betterment of the accounting profession by enhancing efficiencies and alleviation of mundane tasks from accountants through increasing the availability and suitability of tools for accounting professionals, as well as improving work life balance, job satisfaction and raise the value of the industry through the ability to provide more value adding services.

Today, Jerina specialises in digital innovation solutions, project management and exploration of disruptive technology in her quest to optimise efficiency and eliminate repetitive work performed by colleagues.