Overview of the session

Accountants need to understand the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in Business and Finance as we step into 2024. This session we'll cover:

  • Automation in Financial Operations: Explore how AI-driven automation is enhancing efficiency and accuracy in financial tasks, from transaction processing to intelligent process automation (IPA).
  • Risk Assessment and Fraud Detection: Understand the advanced AI methodologies used for identifying risks and anomalies in financial transactions and how AI is reshaping risk management strategies.
  • Streamlining Business Processes: Discover AI's impact on optimizing internal business operations, including supply chain management, HR functions, and customer relationship management.

By the end of this hour, you'll have a clearer understanding of:

  • AI's current state and future prospects in automating and improving financial operations.
  • How AI will contribute to more effective risk assessment and fraud detection.
  • How AI will streamline and refine various business processes for enhanced operational efficiency.

Join us to gain expert insights and learn how to leverage AI for strategic advantage in your organization.


James Wright, FCCA

University of Lincoln

James is a qualified ACCA member and senior lecturer for the University of Lincoln. He has many years of training future accountants and helping students pass their professional exams.