Discover 21st century technology you should be using to maximise performance.

Participants will receive a comprehensive checklist and an invaluable outline of reliant technology for practical reference.

This highly informative and engaging webinar will cover:

  • spreadsheet issues and the rule of 100
  • the top six tools for a 21st-century finance team
  • planning and forecasting tools
  • accounts payable tools
  • reporting tools
  • consolidation and inter-company software
  • collaborative disclosure management software
  • electronic board paper tools
  • maximising the use of the existing G/L
  • top five lessons when implementing a new system.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this webinar you will be able to:

  • identify common spreadsheet issues and apply the ‘Rule of 100’ to target high risk spreadsheets that should be replaced by more robust systems
  • compare the most popular tools used today for planning and forecasting, accounts payable, and reporting to discover the best product/s that will support your organisation 
  • prepare an implementation plan for a new technology avoiding the common mistakes.

Speaker Details - David Parmenter FCA

David Parmenter, author and international presenter, has been helping finance teams around the world embrace swift month-end and year-end reporting, adopt 21st century applications, and replicate better practice report formats, for fifteen years.  

He has written over 15 pieces for Accounting and Business magazine and has partnered with ACCA on a number of lean finance webinars.