The IFRS 16 digital learning programme is a suite of 12 15-minute modules covering the core components of IFRS 16 for a range of stakeholders. The modules break down complex content, into easily accessible and digestible chunks for time-poor learners. 

Key areas covered:

  • overview of new lease standard
  • lease measurement
  • presentation and disclosure.

The modules cover the following:

  • IFRS 16 Overview
  • Scope, exemptions and reliefs
  • Lease definitions – basic
  • Lease definition – advanced application
  • Initial measurement of the lease liability
  • Initial measurement of Right-of-Use asset
  • Subsequent measurement of the lease liability
  • Subsequent measurement of Right-of-Use asset
  • Lease modifications for lessees
  • Sub-leases and sale-and-leaseback
  • Lessor accounting
  • Presentation and disclosure.
Please note, if you are outside of the UK/Europe you may not be able to purchase this course. Please could you register your interest on the KPMG website (follow the link to ‘book online’).


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