Management and leadership has recently been identified in research as one of the key skills that employers look for when recruiting. This learning pathway is a structured programme to help you develop people management and leadership excellence to go alongside your technical skills.

Sooner or later almost every accountant will need to lead and manage people, teams, and organisations as a whole. You will be expected to understand how to provide strategic direction, to help improve performance and align it with the organisations goals, and to deal with difficult situations. This learning pathway will ensure that you take as professional an approach to these challenges as you have done to developing your technical skills.

Along with your fellow participants, you will learn how to operate as a leader, as a coach and as a member of a team you may also manage. The learning pathway also focuses on the skills you need to be an effective leader and looks specifically at the challenges of managing in unusual circumstances.

Note: This learning pathway was previously Learning Pathway: Performance Management & Leadership.

This learning pathway will address the five key challenges of effective management and leadership:

  • providing effective leadership
  • coaching individuals and groups to improve their performance
  • developing the key management skills
  • balancing leadership with your individual contribution
  • managing in unusual circumstances. 

Key information

  • Duration: 20 weeks
  • Weekly study: 1 hour
  • Start date: in session
  • Exclusive ACCA member discount available

Programme outline

The programme has been split into different topics, which will be covered each week of the course.  

  • Programme outline

    1.  Planning and personal skills audit

    2.  Overview and guest speaker

    Providing effective leadership

    3.  Engaging with strategy

    4.  Being a manager

    5.  Being a leader

    6.  Goal translation

    7.  Performance criteria and KPIs

    Coaching to improve performance

    8.  Role of the coach in performance

    9.  Theories of motivation

    10.  Providing effective feedback

    11.  Reviewing and appraising work

    Developing the key management skills

    12.  Recruitment

    13.  Communication

    14.  Options week

    Balancing leadership with individual contribution

    15.  The manager as a member of the team

    16.  Maximising team performance

    17.  Guest speaker: Working in accounting and finance teams

    Managing in unusual circumstances

    18.  Managing change

    19.  Managing remotely


    20-  Wrap-up, reflection and planning

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