This conference consists of four sessions which makes it a cost-effective way of staying informed of the latest technical issues.

Please see the live webinar schedule below:
(If you are unable to join the live webinars, they will be available on-demand 24 hours after the live webinar ends and you will have access to the sessions for 12 months).

Business Taxation and recent developments
Thursday 16 March  
Russell Cockburn.

Threats and Trends for Economic Crime in SME's
Thursday 16 March
13:30 - 15:30 
Rob McCusker. 

Law update 
Friday 17 March  
09:30 - 11:30 
Sue West

Turning stress in to success 
Date: Friday 17  March 
13:30 - 15:30 
Peter Milligan


Recorded on 16 and 17 March 2023. 

  • Business Taxation and recent developments

    Key Features:

    • Recent developments
    • Update on latest changes
    • Review of important Business Tax Issues
    • Comment and news from the Business Tax world.

    You will walk away with...

    • An Update on all the important recent business tax changes
    • Matters arising form on recent changes in the Finance Bill/Act/Budget statements
    • Details of recent tax cases and tribunal decisions
    • MTD – where are we now? Is deferral really deferral?
    • Review of recent HMRC statements and press releases
    • Summary of current planning issues and hot topics

    Speaker: Russell Cockburn

  • Threats and Trends for Economic Crime in SME's

    This session will seek to bring delegates up to speed in terms of current and prospective threats and trends in economic crime (including fraud, money laundering and illicit financial flows), forthcoming legislation and regulations which impact directly or indirectly upon the accounting profession and best practice in relation to the recognition and mitigation of risk within the profession.

    This session will address the following issues but will be contextualised for the SME environment. 

    • Nature and Impact of Economic Crime
    • Legislative Environment
    • Mitigation of Economic Crime and the Demonstration of Best Practice

    Delegates will leave the session with an appreciation of the threats posed by economic crime, broadly defined, and with a keener understanding of the importance of placing the notion of risk and risk management into a national, regional and global context in order to effectively challenge the notion of fixed threat vectors within an ever-evolving risk environment. Beyond that, delegates will leave with a firm understanding of how current and prospective legislation will is likely to impinge upon the daily working lives of professional accountants per se and in conjunction with the clients they serve and the tasks undertaken for them.

    Speaker: Rob McCusker. 


  • Employment Law Update

    Accountants are often asked about employment matters when giving general business advice or running payrolls. This session covers the employment law principles and recent updates for situations that may cross your desk.

    Key features: 

    • Annual leave – extra bank holidays and entitlements plus what to pay including the Harpur Trust v Brazel decision
    • Unfair dismissal – identify when your clients may be at risk and how to approach settlement agreements
    • Employment status – employee, worker and self-employed contractor (including IR35 developments) and the importance of getting status in practice right.
    • Changes to employee and worker rights under the Good Work Plan
    • Terms and conditions of employment – when to issue a contract or a statement, what to include and how to make changes. Includes the new code of practice on ‘fire and rehire’
    • Restructuring and redundancy awareness for employers making changes due to the current climate

    Speaker: Sue West



  • Turning Stress in to Success

    We live in uncertain and challenging times with unprecedented economic and social change on a global scale. The disruption and chaos must inevitably affect every person, organisation, and nation, now and well into the future.

    As always, times of great upheaval bring dangers and opportunities. One thing is for sure: business and personal transformation is not optional if we want to thrive in uncertain times.

    So how do we become more resilient and effective when facing major challenges?

    We start by positively embracing the ongoing process of growth.

    This includes:

    1. Understanding the four main stages in any change journey.
    2. Recognising what we can and cannot change along the way; and
    3. Changing our perspective and finding creative solutions to problems.

    This is foundational to having less stress, more joy, and greater productivity.

    This engaging session draws upon timeless wisdom and will enable attendees to:

    • Maintain a balanced perspective on the inevitable ups and downs of life
    • Handle doubt and confusion with more confidence
    • Take away a valuable map to signpost the stages every person and organisation must go through to reach more of their potential

    Speaker: Peter Milligan.