We are witnessing an acceleration in the pace of technological changes. The revolution driven by new tools such as robotic process automation, intelligent search, visualisation, big data and business analytics has the potential to impact the scope and skillsets of the finance managers role.

This online course will provide a bite sized explanation of the concepts and will reflect on the shape of a future finance function role.

Learning outcomes

This course will provide you with a briefing on new technology including:

  • automation in creating, recording and reporting transactions
  • automation, intelligent search and visualisation of routine analysis
  • business analytics applied to big data providing advanced insight.

The course will allow you to reflect on the scope and skillsets of your future role by discussing the impact of these technological advances on accounting operations; planning and analysis; and decision support areas. How will you harness technology to take advantage of the opportunities it provides to augment your role?

This course contains:

  • introduction and the need to act now
  • recording and reporting
  • routine analysis
  • advanced analysis
  • a new role for finance.

Authored by Roy Chambers

Roy Chambers is a finance professional with international senior commercial experience in a major plc and a background in finance training. Roy combines experience with development skills to improve business finance through better strategy, evaluation, decisions and leadership. Roy also consults for businesses in various sectors and his courses reflect hands-on knowledge of leading finance functions, and managing strategy and planning.

Key information:

  • learn at your own pace
  • help meet your annual CPD requirements
  • develop your own learning needs.


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