Pascal Oleng FCCA ADIT | Senior Tax Advisor | CNOOC Group | Uganda

Pascal is an ADIT graduate.

“The ADIT qualification, coupled with my ACCA certification, has greatly improved my career as a tax professional both locally and internationally. I have been able to gain in-depth knowledge in international tax law, and learn how businesses can conduct their operations in a dynamic tax environment.

Over the course of my ACCA and ADIT studies, I have been able to develop skills in a range of accounting and finance areas, as well as expertise in international tax subjects such as transfer pricing, international tax policy, treaties and legislation, and current developments such as the BEPS project.

Having attained ACCA certification, I was keen to obtain an additional qualification that would propel my international tax career, and that qualification was ADIT.”

Irene O’Connor FCCA ADIT | Tax Accountant | Allianz | Ireland

Irene is an ADIT graduate.

"My ACCA experience was thoroughly enjoyable, and provided the crucial expertise with which to undertake ADIT.  Since embarking on my ACCA and ADIT studies, I have regularly benefitted from access to global platforms, enabling me to gain further knowledge of various accountancy and tax developments.  I am excited about what my future career will bring, as my long term endeavours have been significantly enhanced through achieving the ACCA and ADIT qualifications.

I would strongly advise other professionals seeking to enrich their finance and tax knowledge on an international level to consider both of these recognised, professional qualifications.”

Carlos Edward Kirchheiner ACCA | Tax Manager | PKF | Tanzania

Carlos is an ADIT student. He completed paper 3.03 transfer pricing option in December 2014.

“ACCA provided me with a broad foundation in accounting, which encompassed taxation and sparked my initial interest in tax. After completing ACCA, I sought to improve my tax advisory skills and, upon learning about ADIT, realised it was the qualification I was looking for. In my opinion, ADIT is a cornerstone for international tax learning.

ACCA and ADIT are complementary qualifications: whereas ACCA develops a robust knowledge of auditing and tax accounting, pursuing ADIT will further one’s skills in the specialist area of international taxation.”

Henry O’Reilly FCCA | Senior Global Tax Manager | NDT Global | Ireland

Henry is an ADIT student. He completed paper 1 and paper 3.03 transfer pricing option in June 2014.

"Pursuing both the ACCA and ADIT qualifications has assisted me greatly in my role as Head of Tax for a global engineering company; the combination of the two has equipped me with practical accounting knowledge and a detailed understanding of the cross-border tax issues which underpin our activities worldwide. Since completing ACCA, my ADIT experience has given me the confidence and expertise to explain international tax concepts to senior leaders across the firm and to customers around the world.

My day-to-day work includes responsibility for tax transactions across the company, and my ACCA experience has been of tremendous value in providing me with the skills and confidence to confront and analyse complex financial data. Meanwhile, the ADIT qualification combines extensive coverage of conceptual knowledge relating to international tax, with an accessible approach which emphasises the real-world applications of the concepts learned.”

Sun-Young Youn MSc ACCA ADIT| UK

Sun-Young is an ADIT affiliate.

"Tax is a specialised area, but ACCA members are well-placed to embark upon a tax career as the ACCA exams provide a broad foundation in the accounting principles which underpin the practice of tax. The ADIT syllabus shares some features with the ACCA learning, such as an emphasis on worldwide issues and the ability to focus on one’s chosen subject areas in detail. Taking ADIT exams as an ACCA professional, will enable you to acquire a more complete understanding of international tax, wherever you are in the world.”

Evangelos Catsamas ACIS ACMA FCCA | Cyprus

Evangelos is an ADIT student. He completed paper 1 in December 2014.

“With globalisation, the current political effort to increase tax collections in most countries, and the OECD BEPS project, a sound understanding of the international tax environment has become essential for finance professionals. My first ADIT paper, which focused on the principles of international tax, has provided me with the knowledge and understanding of these developments.

ADIT exams are an effective way of complying with the ACCA CPD verifiable unit route. My only regret is that I did not undertake ADIT years ago. In my view, combining the ACCA qualification with ADIT provides a strong foundation for any finance practitioner hoping to add value to their work in an international environment.”

Manda Pillay-Maloney FCCA CTA ATT | Director | Accounts To Balance Ltd | UK

Manda is an ADIT student. She completed paper 1 in June 2015.

“ACCA allowed me to obtain a solid grounding in accountancy, and a taste of tax as well. As my career progressed from accountancy to tax, my CIOT learning, including the CTA and now ADIT, has been a further addition to my skill set. ADIT enables me to attract clients with complicated international tax affairs and resolve their issues.”

Andreas Christofi ACCA ADIT | Cyprus

Andreas is an ADIT graduate.

“For me, ADIT was the ultimate qualification to enhance and benchmark my knowledge in international taxation. My ADIT studies put me on the right track for delivering professional tax consultancy services. I would strongly recommend this qualification to all fellow ACCA associates.”