This online course is designed for all Finance and Accounting Professionals, who are focused on learning about nuances of Power BI and Data Visualization in today’s world

Power BI is a Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence tool that converts data from different data sources to interactive dashboards and BI reports. Learn about working on large data sets and complex calculation alongside our expert trainer. Work through understanding data statistically and the application of meaningful techniques of data mining and slicing and dicing of data. Through this course, participants will be able to use dynamic formulas and use of interactive graphical techniques like charts and present raw data into meaningful and insightful reports using Power BI.

Hands on exercises and practical examples will be given to participants to master these functionalities and apply them in a meaningful way.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you will be able to increase productivity and enhance efficiency in your day to day work.

You will be able to analyse your financial data in a meaningful way to draw further insights and decision making. The aim of the course is to enable you to make dynamic and interactive reports with multiple functionalities using Power BI.  In turn, this will help you create meaningful and insightful reports for seniors to enable them to generate better insights 


  • Introduction to Power BI 
    • Your Data on the go
    • Installing Power BI
    • Understanding Power BI Interface
    • Architecture of Power BI
  • Working and Navigation on Power BI
    •  Add, Delete, Rename, Duplicate pages 
    • Add delete, rename and split Columns and Rows
    • Basic and Advanced Filtering in Power BI
    • Page Level vs Report Level Filters
    • Using Slicers
    • Sorting Data

Hands on Exercises to work with the trainer

  • Learning about connection with different data sources
    • Importing data through multiple excel Files,
    • Importing data through text files,
    • What and how to use Direct Query, Imported Query
    • Online source
    • Load data from Multiple Data Sources
  • Data Modelling
    • How to create relationships in data sources
    • Combining Multiple Tables
    • Use calculated table to create connection between two tables
    • Formatting Dates Hierarchies and Joins
  • Understanding DAX Language
    • Explaining most commonly used formulas and functions
      • Aggregate functions
      • Counting functions
      • Text functions
      • Date functions
      • Information functions
    • Creating Calculated Columns
    • Calculated Tables
    • Calculated Columns
  • Creating Power BI Charts:
    • Introduction to Charts 
      • Area Chart, Bar Chart, Column Chart, Doughnut Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart  
    • Modifying Charts properties like:
      • changing source data, legend, colours, borders, titles, font, etc 
    • Inserting Objects and Graphics
  • Creating Power BI Reports
    • Introduction to Power BI Reports
    • Adding different elements in Reports
    • Formatting Reports
    • Drill up and Drill down Reports
    • Navigation across different sheet tables after creating report summaries
  • Sharing Power BI dashboards
    • Report Sharing in Power BI Dashboard
  • Printing Power BI Reports
    • Printing Power BI Reports 
    • Publishing Report internally
    • Publishing reports to the web

CPD units

Your attendance to this class will accord you with 7.0 CPD units (ACRA Category 5). A CPD certificate will be emailed to you within 2 business days after the completion of the class.


A PC computer with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI must be installed before this session. Please note that Power BI is not available on MAC OS.

Power BI is available to download for free. 

Basic Microsoft Excel skills is required for this class.

Who Should Attend

The training is ideal for all Finance and Accounting professionals (such as Accountants, Controllers, Finance managers, Auditors and all accounting professionals) who deal with large volume of data & excel in their day to day work for creating reporting solutions, data mining and need excel tools and technologies for further enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

This course is apt for those people who want to understand the analytical perspective to data and now want to step ahead and create an edge in their industry with use of most popular Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tools and technologies

ACCA Singapore CPD Subsidy

ACCA Singapore is currently offering a special subsidy to active members, affiliates and students to support them in their professional development. This offer is available on selected courses here and on a limited basis. Terms and conditions apply. 


Divya Arora 

Divya is a thorough professional and has 13 years of work experience and possesses core skills in the fields of business intelligence, management reporting and analytics. She is excellent in her oration and has been responsible for training her teams and stakeholders in areas of Advanced Excel techniques, mastering the art of giving presentations, business intelligence, dash boarding and visual presentations in alignment with organisation goals.

She has varied experience working with big giants like Glaxo Smith Kline, ABN AMRO and Max Life Insurance and various training institutes in India and Singapore.

Divya has worked across different industries like healthcare, consumer and insurance. She has been a key player in working across transition projects, transformation journeys, new process set ups, data warehousing and enterprise-wide deployment of new business intelligence tools

Divya has been a key contributor to quality and service excellence and is a certified Green Belt Six Sigma professional.