The FRC and professional bodies rightly require auditors to be ethical with audits carried out to the highest of standards.

The ISAs – with objectives and requirements which must be obeyed help us achieve this. The revisions of ISA 200 and ISA 315 which are now in place are bedrock to quality audits. They also point to other revised standards.

This session covers the most critical demands of these ISAs and how the FRC guidance on making professional judgements may help.

Key features

  • What do we have to do? What is new?
  • Quality Management is seen as another means of ensuring quality audits – what we have to do to comply
  • ISA 315 revised covering risk is now in force for all audits - - what has to be done to comply
  • ISA 540 covering estimates – are you identifying all estimates?
  • ISA 600 on Groups is going to tighten up on work needed to ensure complaint consolidations and group reporting
  • Understanding how scalability is meant to work is vital - the draft ISA for less complex entities may be in place.
  • the place of professional judgement guidance in audits

This course is for:

  • Audit staff or students through to signatories of audit reports
  • CFOs and their finance and IT teams who prepare their companies’ accounts – what will auditors ask of them
  • Those charged with governance - what are FRC requirements