Join Shelsea Adrian, an AP automation expert from Yooz, in an exclusive webinar with ACCA. Learn the 3 crucial steps to automate your Purchase-to-Pay process. Transform your invoicing and purchasing into a seamless digital workflow, reducing errors and optimizing efficiency. Unveil the roadmap on May 29th at 12PM BST.

In this exclusive webinar in partnership with ACCA, Shelsea Adrian, recognised expert in invoice digitalisation at Yooz, guides you through the three key steps to successfully automating your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process.

Discover how to transform your invoice and purchasing management into a fluid digital process, reducing errors, improving efficiency and optimising processing times... quickly and easily.

We’ll be discussing crucial questions such as: 

  • Why carry out a thorough diagnosis of your processes?
  • How can you identify the areas for improvement specific to your organisation?
  • What challenges does automation address?
  • What are the key criteria for a good automation solution?

Join us on Wednesday 29th May at 12PM BST to unveil this concrete roadmap, bringing together the best practices for an in-depth analysis and optimisation of your accounting process!

One hour can make all the difference.

Don't miss out! 


Shelsea Adrian

AP Automation Expert, Yooz

Shelsea has over 10 years-experience in International Sales and Customer Services, including several years helping global clients to improve their internal processes and gain efficiency in both B2B and B2C sectors.

Shelsea is seen as a trusted advisor who helps companies of all sizes implement adapted strategies and reach their full potential.Paul Resch is the founder and CEO of the world’s leading business valuation software, Valutico. A corporate finance expert, with 4 years in M&A at Deutsche bank, Paul’s idea for Valutico was born out of a personal frustration with conducting valuations using the only available system at the time: Excel. Complex, slow, and frustrating, Paul noted this way of doing valuations could be vastly improved, and working with data scientists and a dedicated group of experts, created Valutico in 2017, which now boasts more than 700 clients in 75 countries around the world.