12 everyday signs you’d make a great accountant

The signs that a career in accountancy is for you may already be visible...

1. You set three morning alarms, at incredibly specific times, which known only to you together form a mathematical conundrum that represents the number of days old you will be when you wake up. (Try this, we dare you!)

2. Your roommate spends half an hour in the shower every day and often finishes all your breakfast cereal. You organise a rota system for using the bathroom and hide cereal in your room so you can sell it to your roommate.

3. You can handle snooty shop assistants – in fact, you end up leaving shops with a discount, a loyalty card and the assistant asking to be friends on Facebook.

4. You see two people arguing over the last packet of super noodles in a supermarket. It’s getting pretty heated. You fear punches will be thrown – after all, it’s roast chicken flavour. But you calm the situation and propose that one takes the super noodle while the other picks up chicken stock cubes and plain noodles – it’s the same thing anyway.

5. Topping up the gas in your car, you always hit your target dead on. It’s never $20.01 when you’re at the pump.

6. In your local shop you know that if they positioned the Snickers and the Pringles higher on the shelves and more clearly in the front window, you’d definitely buy more.

7. You also know that if the shop owner didn’t give you a plastic bag for every one or two items you buy, the shop would save money on packaging costs and do a little better for the environment.

8. Your friends can’t decide on which movie to see at the cinema – The Expendables 15, Lord of the Things (a spoof), or I Love You Puppy. Instead of the group splitting up, you strike a compromise and you all see Top Gun 2, which everyone loves.

9. The person talking on their cellular phone at the cinema – there’s no shutting them up politely right? Wrong. Somehow you can manage to get them to be quiet and they even apologise to you.

10. When it comes to splitting the restaurant bill, you’re the one who actually asks, almost enthusiastically, if you can work out the totals for the whole table. And the bigger the table, the more people there are, the higher the total, the better – even more so when someone only had a salad and everyone else had three-course meals and wine.

11. You have an eye for a business opportunity. You’re the friend who agrees with only some of the ‘big ideas’ your best friend has that will change your lives.

12. Your roommate is having cake-baking problems. You know that a) Youtube will have the answer, b) Twitter will help them confirm it, and c) Instagram will allow them to show off their ‘expertise’ with a blurry photo.

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