Bianka Somodi: ACCA puts you on solid ground

Bianka Somodi studied finance at university and was awarded a scholarship of excellence by the Hungarian National Bank. She currently works for PwC Hungary. Bianca took part in our interview about why she chose to study the ACCA Qualification and on her plans for the future.

Bianka, please tell us something unique about yourself

I studied finance and accounting as a BA, and accountancy as an MSc at Corvinus University. I graduated summa cum laude. I was awarded the Scholarship of Excellence by the Hungarian National Bank, and the Scholarship of the Republic of Hungary by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources based on my academic and other achievements.

In addition to my daily work, I regularly facilitate accounting and IFRS-related training for clients, and also in-house training for colleagues.

Outside of work, what are your passions?

I was never a big fan of sports, but during the pandemic I started road cycling. Although I am totally an amateur cyclist, I really found joy in covering the miles. Reading is my other big passion and I find it really relaxing. One of the main charms of reading is that it expands our insight into other people, and even into our own character.

What unique difference will you offer a business?

I would highlight three areas. One, I have a really positive mindset – I try to see the good in all situations, which helps to keep your mood and motivation levels up. Two, I always have a desire to learn – I am hungry to continually build on and acquire new skills and have a very ‘can-do’ attitude. And last but not least, three, I can communicate and relate to people easily, which can be a big advantage in any kind of role in both business and private life.

Tell us about the culture you look for in a business

The things that are the most important to me in the culture of a business are transparency, diversity, and recognition.

Businesses with a positive culture support transparency so that every member of the firm can see where the company is headed, know where they stand with this direction, and how they can contribute.

Positive cultures embrace diversity in every aspect – in hiring, in thoughts, and in applied approaches as well. That is how a business can thrive with diversity.

Wins should be celebrated. Companies with great cultures have processes for recognising and announcing the achievements and the values of their employees.

Tell us why you chose to study with ACCA

With ACCA I can improve my career progression as I am able to gain all the technical and management skills that are needed to provide maximum value to the business I work for. The comprehensive ACCA qualification makes me really stand out in the crowd and not just in my own country, but internationally as well. These things make ACCA really essential for me to go forward in my career.

Tell us about your ambitions for the future

In the short term I would like to improve my professional knowledge through every possibility that opens up for me. ACCA is a solid ground for that, and I can gain knowledge in a structured way from a globally recognised syllabus. As for the longer term, I would like to become an expert with a strong professional knowledge of accounting who is part of a business culture built on diversity, transparency, trust and support towards each other.

Tell us about the traits it has helped you develop and how you’ve brought them into your company

I consider myself a positive and dedicated person who is eager to learn and develop. My strongest attribute is my determination. I take on every challenge head-on and do what I need to do to accomplish my goals, even when the challenge is difficult. I always feel that these challenges help me to develop and get me closer to the professional I want to become. These traits were true for me even during my studies and now in my work life as well.

If there’s one thing that makes ACCA’s training unique, tell us what it is

ACCA has a strong global network and countless international opportunities through its comprehensive qualification.

Bianka Somodi

Tell us about a moment of praise you received from a colleague or boss

I consider myself a lucky person to work with colleagues and bosses who always take the time to recognise the hard work and extra effort, so it is hard to pick one exact moment of these. I feel that my determination and my will to learn is continuously appreciated and recognised.

Since this interview, Bianka has become manager for accounting advisory at PwC Hungary.

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