Why I decided to train with ACCA

Daulet tell us about his ACCA journey.

Why I decided to train with ACCA

Companies all over the world choose ACCA to help them develop their teams to become forward-thinking strategic professionals that can add real value to their business. Daulet Amergaliyev is an ACCA student working for KPMG, one of the Big Four global accounting firms in Kazakhstan. We asked Daulet to tell us a little bit about his journey and why he chose to train with ACCA.

Daulet, to help us get to know you, tell us something unique about yourself

I am candidate master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling. I’ve always loved wrestling, but I quickly came to realise that an education and a strong career is much more important.

Do you have any other passions outside of work?

I like watching and playing football, watching mixed martial arts, and playing videogames.  And in the evenings after a long day at work I like to go out for walks with my wife and dog.

Tell us about the culture you look for in a business

There are three main things I look for in a business environment:

  1. Firstly, it’s important to me to work in a friendly culture that doesn’t neglect lower-level colleagues.

  2. Secondly, that there is an established understanding of discipline and effective working practices through clear communication of strategic aims.

  3. And finally, that an employer pays particular attention to promoting a good work-life balance and healthy lifestyle – such as organising sports activities.

Tell us about your ambitions for the future…

My immediate ambition is to pass my final ACCA exams in the next three months. Long term, I want to further develop my expertise in finance and choose my next career steps appropriately to reveal my full career potential.

Tell us about the traits ACCA has helped you develop and how you’ve brought them into your company

The knowledge gained during my ACCA studies was of extreme help in performing everyday tasks at work since it is fully compatible with the knowledge requirements of an external auditor. Gaining this expertise was noticed by my senior colleagues, and some of the values I learnt help me bring consistency in our overall corporate strategies.

If there’s one thing that makes ACCA’s training unique, tell us what it is

The syllabus. It’s extremely comprehensive and allows you to learn about multiple areas of the business.

Tell us about a moment of praise you received from a colleague or boss

My knowledge level is always noticed by senior colleagues. ACCA coordinators within the company also pay attention to my achievements and present memorable gifts in recognition.

I’ve been praised several times, and when it happens, it motivates me to work even harder and become an ACCA affiliate as soon as possible.

Since our interview, Daulet has moved up the career ladder at KPMG Caspian, where he is now audit manager.

Daulet Amergaliyev

Why did you choose to study with ACCA?

ACCA develops strong analytical skills and professional competencies, and gives you a comprehensive knowledge you can apply in the real world. This has massively helped me to work more efficiently at work.

Being a fully qualified ACCA member also gives employers complete assurance of a candidate’s expertise.

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