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Role: Partner

Imagine yourself as a senior partner in a professional services or consulting firm?

What is a partner?

The term ‘partner’ refers to a senior position within a professional services or consulting firm such as KPMG or Deliotte. Traditionally, firms were set up as legal partnerships in which partners shared the profits. The name has remained even though many firms are now incorporated as companies. However, some still use it to indicate a profit-sharing status.

As your career progresses, the role and responsibilities expected of you will evolve. Most likely, you will be part of a ‘practice area’ that provides a portfolio of related services to clients. In addition to advising them, you will be responsible for developing and managing client relationships, identifying new business opportunities and contributing to growth and development. This includes making sure financial targets are met, and that the right team is in place to meet the needs of your clients.

Your day will vary greatly in such a prominent, strategic and demanding position, and could include planning the overall strategic direction of the firm. Your days will be busy and challenging, but the rewards can be exceptional.

How do I achieve it?

Partner is a career position to work up to, and is usually awarded to those with extensive experience in their chosen field of expertise. However, firms often have their own list of entry requirements for partner status, so it’s worth exploring what these are.

Whatever route you take, you will be expected to bring significant expertise and experience. This is the top of the career tree for many finance professionals, and you will need a variety of highly developed professional skills.

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Partner is a position to be worked up to, and is usually awarded to those with extensive experience in their chosen field of expertise.

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