The role of professional accountant contains many elements. Countless factors influence what we do.

Some strike at the heart of our profession, such as new technologies which change how we work today leaving us wondering where they will take accountancy in the future.

Others are more current, like new rules and regulations. 

The ACCA Policy and Insights team seeks answers to the big questions around being an accountant. We then share our findings with you through reports, events, presentations and videos. 

Why is this important? 

It is by asking critical questions and digesting the answers that we can really understand where our profession is today and where it is going. 

What we uncover moulds global thought leadership, which helps to shape and lead the profession. 

From global economics to risk management, understanding the impact of a range of factors makes us all better placed to perform at our peak now, and in the future. 

What makes ACCA so well placed to do this?

We are uniquely positioned with a vast membership that spans over 180 countries. That puts a highly skilled network of professionals at our fingertips, feeding into our insights work and giving it the depth and diversity that makes it relevant to people who matter. 

Our findings are shared across the world with standard setters, policy makers and regulators, influencing discussions that impact on all our futures. 

You might wonder how this helps you

We hope everyone who visits this policy and insights area will find something that leaves an impression on them. 

It could be an in-depth report that reveals something new, a fact or a quote that inspires you. 

ACCA policy and insights will help you think ahead, armed with knowledge that helps strengthen our profession today, and forms the foundations for tomorrow.