Regularly recording your PER

Hold on to that dream. Keep up to date.

ACCA membership is a passport to the future you want to create for yourself, anywhere in the world. So make sure you stay in control and keep recording any relevant PER on MyExperience. That way you can track your progress - and own your world.

To get started you’ll need to enter details of:

  • your employer’s name and address
  • your role, including job title and start date.

You'll also need to add your supervisor’s details and invite them to register. They won’t be able to sign off your PER until they’re registered.  

"Regularly record your PER on MyExperience instead of waiting until you've completed all 36 months. This will help you track where you are professionally, by identifying specific performance objectives that you need to achieve to become an ACCA member."

Cherisse Charles-Bradshaw - Accountant II, International Game Technology (Trinidad)