Committee members and network constitution

A list of current committee members, the network constitution and the code of practice for network members are available from the 'Related downloads' section.

Committee activities

The committee, supported by a number of subcommittees and taskforces, advises on the direction of ACCA Hong Kong and the various activities to be organised for local ACCA members and students. 

Read about the different committees and taskforces and their activities:

  • Professional development subcommittee

    Regular continuing professional development (CPD) events are organised by this subcommittee to cope with the growing needs of members in professional development.

    Apart from advising on topics and subject matter for technical seminars and workshops; it also assesses other training needs of members, including language, IT, management and other business skills so as to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skill sets for their day-to-day work.

  • SME subcommittee

    SMEs form the backbone of Hong Kong's economy.

    The subcommittee was established to look into ways in which accounting professionals can provide support to SMEs.

    It also establishes networking with other SME organisations and efforts will be made to raise members' and the public's awareness of the needs of SMEs.

  • Student affairs subcommittee

    The student affairs subcommittee was established with an aim to strengthen ACCA's profile at academic institutions and students’ societies in Hong Kong and Macau.

    It gives advice on student services, development and training. The subcommittee engages with ACCA students to promote networking through a wide range of representations, social activities and initiatives.

  • Tax subcommittee

    The tax subcommittee was set up to make submissions to the government on tax issues particularly in relation to the Government's Annual Budget and to take various initiatives in relation to tax.

    Since December 1997, ACCA Hong Kong has submitted its budget proposals to the financial secretary on an annual basis.

    A Tax Interest Group (TIG) was formed in 1998 to enable interested members to come together periodically to share tax-related experience, discuss taxation problems they face and bring to others' attention issues of significance. To facilitate effective discussion, TIG members are split into sub-groups which meet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

    Since May 1999, in response to an initiative taken by the Inland Revenue Department, ACCA Hong Kong has been offering free tax advisory services to the public, to assist them in the completion of individual income tax returns. Members are invited to volunteer their service through service hotlines and counters in May each year.

  • Member & community engagement sub-committee

    The subcommittee is responsible for promoting a sense of belonging and professional networking among members through various engagement activities, including the Annual Celebration/Dinner.  

    In addition, to raise ACCA's profile and visibility in Hong Kong and promote corporate social responsibility via donations and sponsorships from the ACCA Charitable Foundation, including our signature Community Day to help raise funds for the underprivileged in the community, in driving public goods and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Young members subcommittee

    The subcommittee is responsible for engagement of young members and initiatives of the next generation development within ACCA and a wider community in the profession.