While the demand for accountants has never been stronger and career opportunities more diverse, when it comes to attracting the next generation of accounting professionals, from an image and career perception, Hong Kong’s accounting sector is facing a number of challenges.

Brought together by ACCA Hong Kong, the Hon Edmund Wong, Legislative Council Member of the Accountancy Functional Constituency and representatives of various professional bodies participated in an ‘Attractiveness of the Accounting Profession’ roundtable discussion, which focused on trends for the profession as well as the role educational institutions, accounting bodies, policy makers, employers and other influencers can play in bolstering the appeal of the accounting profession to the younger generation, ensuring a resilient and prosperous future.



CONTRIBUTORS (in alphabetical order by last name)

  • Clement Chan BBS, MH, JP
    Chairman, Hong Kong Association of Registered Public Interest Entity Auditors Limited (PIEAA)
  • Stephen Law JP
    President, Hong Kong Business Accountants Association (HKBAA)
  • Roy Leung FCCA
    Vice President, Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)
  • Margaret Mak FCCA
    President, Associations of Woman Accountants Hong Kong (AWAHK)
  • Lie Ming Or FCA
    Chair, Hong Kong Regional Council, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)
  • Joseph Owolabi FCCA
    President, ACCA 2022/23
  • Dr Danny Po FCCA
    Chairman, ACCA Hong Kong 2023/24
  • Hon Edmund Wong FCCA
    Member, Legislative Council, Functional Constituency, Accountancy 
  • Parco Wu FCCA
    President, The Society of Chinese Accountants & Auditor (SCAA)
  • Alice Yip FCCA
    Council Member, ACCA


The job titles mentioned in this report reflect the positions held by the individuals at the time of the roundtable discussion on 3 November 2023.