Cyber crime and fraud is a threat to businesses of any size and cyber criminals often take advantage of human error so it's important that every member of your team and your clients know how to protect themselves and the business from cyber attacks.

This 30 minute webinar will cover:

  • why does cybercrime matter - 44% of businesses suffer losses due to cybercrime, with an average of £35,000 lost. Find out how cybercrime could affect your business and what the risks are
  • prevent social engineering - many cyber criminals begin their attacks with social engineering. Learn how to spot this type of fraud so you can stop attacks before they start
  • common cyber threats - from trojans to treading carefully with public Wi-Fi, get clued up on the most common kinds of attacks
  • helping protect you and your business - find out the best ways to stay safe online, like using malware protection and managing who needs access to what.


Joe Cooksey, Digital Engagement manager, Barclays Bank Plc