Preparing an Integrated Report requires a particular set of skills. It requires cultural change, integrated thinking, communication, and appropriate management systems across the organisation.

The ACCA Certificate in Integrated Reporting focuses on how to implement Integrated Reporting in your organisation. It outlines what’s required to develop a successful Integrated Report and takes you through how to go about it. If you are part of the team responsible for the preparation of the Integrated Report this certificate gives you everything you need to implement it successfully.

This certificate will enable you to:

  • apply the fundamental concepts of value creation, the capitals and the value creation process to an organisation.
  • participate effectively as part of a team preparing an integrated report
  • participate effectively as part of a team planning and coordinating the implementation of Integrated Reporting, including integrated thinking, within an organisation.
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Working in partnership with the Value Reporting Foundation and accountingcpd.net.

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