What are the three key buttons in your Management Information System? You're in the majority if they're "OK", "Cancel" and "Export to Excel".  Given there’s no point enhancing your forecasting tools and techniques if your current business performance can’t be assessed, why not use Excel and its related tools fully to assist your analysis?

Beginning with the advent of Power Pivot in Excel 2010, we now have database-like computational power on our desktops, where we can summarise multi-dimensional PivotTables from many sources, whether linked (“relational”) or otherwise.

This webinar introduces you to how you can create more powerful PivotTable reports and dissect data to produce detailed information for business reporting and forecasting purposes. Power Pivot takes PivotTables to the next level allowing you to link data like never before from the comfort of a humble Excel spreadsheet.

What you will learn:

  • refresher on manipulating tables and PivotTables in Excel and what the limitations are
  • understand how Power Pivot builds on the functionality in Excel’s native tools, allowing easier formatting, linking and insights
  • be able to import data from a variety of electronic sources and relate them quickly to deliver key information in minutes, not weeks
  • introduction to writing powerful formulae in Power Pivot's Data Analysis eXpressions (DAX) language. 

Who should attend

Excel users who believe that PivotTables are insufficient, business analysts and financial/management accountants working with large amounts of data who want to turn it into information in minutes not weeks.

Speaker - Dr. Liam Bastick FCA FCMA CGMA MVP 

Managing director of boutique modelling firm SumProduct, Liam is the author of An Introduction to Financial Modelling and has over 30 years’ experience in financial model development/auditing, valuations, M&A, strategy, training and consultancy. He is a senior accountant and professional mathematician who has worked with and trained accountants, bankers and analysts all over the world.

Liam has been recognised seven times by Microsoft as an 'Excel Most Valuable Professional in Excel', one of 84 in the world as at the time of writing.

Please note, this webinar is best watched in Google Chrome, or the latest version of your browser.