Organisations with strong ethics-based cultures are significantly less prone to misconduct. Driving the right culture is part of our professional responsibility, and is key to organisational success, but culture can be elusive and dynamic. In this course, you will hear typical scenarios that take place at the boardroom table and less formal conversations that happen in the hallways. We will also hear thoughts on building and maintaining an ethics-based culture from respected colleagues and experts in the field.

Through these scenarios and interviews, we’ll explore promoting culture through examining typical conversations that go on at the board table and in day-to-day operations throughout the organisation. 

Learning outcomes

  • identify the importance of demonstrating a genuine commitment to the tone at the top
  • negate the idea that healthy alignment means total agreement among the leadership team
  • identify different types of diversity and support the business case for diversity on boards and in senior management
  • determine appropriate qualitative and quantitative metrics that monitor culture and help provide accountability for decision-making in an ethics context.
  • identify how the “mood in the middle” amplifies the “tone at the top” and determine how employees at all levels of the organisation can reframe situations.

Key information:

  • course is best experienced on the free ProDio mobile app, but access is available via desktop on ProDio website
  • the recommended web browser is GOOGLE CHROME for best performance
  • learn at your own pace
  • access course content for one year.
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