Maybe you manage a business, audit companies, prepare financial or management accounting data, work on insolvencies, business valuations, or mergers and acquisitions. Perhaps you advise clients on their accounting, financial, investing, or legal affairs.

Regardless of what you do, identifying, assessing and managing risk plays a crucial role in your daily life. 

And that is this course; how to strengthen your business and investment risk knowledge so that you can successfully identify, assess, and manage those risks in your career and personal affairs. This course assumes you do have some knowledge of risk. Jordan Wilson brings significant experience in accounting, finance, fiduciary, and risk management in sharing his knowledge through this course.

Learning outcomes

  • differentiate between pure and investment risk
  • define risk aversion and understand why investors are risk averse
  • explain the advantages and disadvantages of standard deviation as a risk measure
  • define, compare, and cite examples of, systematic and non-systematic risks
  • understand how to assess systematic and non-systematic risks in both investment and business analysis
  • define liquidity risk and describe its key variables. 

Key information:

  • course is best experienced on the free ProDio mobile app, but access is available via desktop on ProDio website
  • the recommended web browser is GOOGLE CHROME for best performance
  • learn at your own pace
  • access course content for one year.
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