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Cyber-crime is an issue that is impacting all organisations irrespective of size or geography. It’s clear that organisations need to act and to ensure that they have appropriate protection and recovery plans in place. The question is - who needs to take action, and what actions should they take?

In this course, you will learn what we mean by cyber risk, the nature and likelihood of cyber threats and attacks, how an attack can impact an organisation, and good practices on prevention and response.

This online course is designed for finance leaders and their teams who need an appreciation of the potential risks from cyber threats to their organisations. There is no need for prior knowledge of cyber security as this course is suitable for individuals who are involved in cyber risk from a financial or business risk management perspective, rather than as technology or cyber experts.

The course is based on Cyber and the CFO, a research report jointly commissioned by ACCA, CA ANZ, Optus Macquarie University’s Cyber Security Hub.

What you’ll learn

On successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • define cyber risk and the impacts of a cyber-attack
  • identify the stages of cyber-attack and the types of attack
  • understand the roles and responsibilities for cyber governance
  • identify the steps in developing cyber resilience and the recovery process.

Key features

  • instructional videos, interactive assets, case studies and quizzes
  • end of course assessment - pass to get your completion certificate
  • ACCA and CA ANZ members can claim up to 4 CPD hours/units.
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