As part of the continuing innovations to the ACCA Qualification, the online Ethics and Professional Skills module was created in collaboration with employers, and embeds the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviours.   

Our Ethics and trust in a digital age research clearly evidences the need for ethical behaviour into the future – finance professionals should continue to develop their ethical behaviour throughout their career. We recognise this, so are providing free access to the module for our members. 

What's included in the module?

The module covers a range of themes such as innovation and scepticism, leadership and team working, and commercial awareness. The course is made up of six modules; each module includes videos, interactive assets, case studies and quizzes. 

The course includes an assessment with multiple choice questions, which you will need to pass to claim your completion certificate.

2019 module updates

As ethics continues to be a key component of the ACCA Qualification, the Ethics and Professional Skills Module is a core element of that. A new unit on data analytics was introduced in 2019, to ensure we continue to provide the practical skills demanded by employers that will keep ACCA members and students ahead of the curve. This unit covers areas such as big data and data analytics, different sources of data, and scepticism in data analytics.

Claiming CPD

Members can claim CPD when completing the EPSM. It can take up to 15 hours to complete the module, but members are expected to take significantly less time than this. CPD units (hours) should be claimed for the amount of time it takes to complete the module.