We are delighted to partner with The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to offer ACCA members a supporting requirement exception for CIA. 

Your ACCA membership is recognised by The IIA as satisfying the education and professional experience requirements for the CIA program. Therefore, you are not required to submit proof of education or professional experience.

Members applying for the CIA program will need to submit a character reference and proof of identification. 

The IIA will verify ACCA membership when a member applies for the CIA program.

ACCA affiliates and students are not able to participate in this supporting requirement exception. 

Once you have been approved into the program, you have three years to successfully complete all three CIA exam parts. You do not have to complete the exam parts in order. 

Need to know more?

Please contact IIA direct
Email: customerrelations@theiia.org
Phone: +1-407-937-1111  (USA)
Web: IIA website