What will I get out of it?

The course will consider recent changes to UK GAAP and IFRS and draw a comparison between the two frameworks. Topics which are of current interest will then be considered in terms of both frameworks. For UK GAAP session, we will consider the key standards; FRS 102, FRS 105 and FRS 101. The course will also consider areas which are often the subject of FAQs, from the perspective of both frameworks.

  • the triennial review
  • consultation on changes for filing and formats
  • covid 19 issues
  • impact of Brexit
  • leasing
  • accounting for fair value
  • current interest topics
  • FAQs.

Key features

A. UK GAAP This session will provide a practical slant for those using UK GAAP, covering the following topics:

  • FRS 102 – ‘beyond the Standard’ – we will focus on those accounting situations where the Standard is less than prescriptive i.e. where there is a policy choice or comparative silence
  • FRS 105 – consideration of the levels of voluntary disclosures in micro entity accounts
  • FRS 101 – update
  • the triennial review – practical application and potential problem areas
  • developments in Company Law and related legislation affecting financial reporting.


  • implementation issues arising from IFRS 16
  • other IFRS developments.


  • Mike Ulrich ACA, Consultant and lecturer

    Mike Ulrich ACA

    Consultant and lecturer

Mike Ulrich has been involved in presenting courses and seminars to professional accountants for over 20 years. The presentations cover a wide range of company law, auditing and accounting topics. As well as general courses on auditing and accounting issues he also presents courses in respect of charities, pension schemes, solicitors, service charges, and LLPs. He is a technical consultant on accounting and audit matters for a number of firms; providing answers to real life issues. He also undertakes file reviews for both audit and audit exempt entities for a number of firms. This requires the provision of practical advice and guidance. This provides him with an insight into those topics which are of practical interest to practitioners and accountants in commerce. In addition he has his own small practice and is a statutory auditor. This background enables him to see both the theory and practical aspects and the presentations reflect this.