In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to Continuous Improvement (CI) methodology, promoting the understanding and use of CI tools and techniques to drive operational excellence. You’ll be shown simple tools which can be used both in the workplace and at home to make common problems easier, eg meeting effectiveness, lack of cross-training, disorganised emails and folders, etc.

Learn and understand:

  • the importance of a CI Mindset
  • definition of waste
  • key CI tools
  • CI in your business.

We’ll also focus on a few discussion topics:

  • What is Continuous Improvement and why is it important?
  • How do you create a CI mindset?
  • What are the different types of waste at your workplace?
  • What can CI look like at your workplace?

Speaker - Siobhan Pandya 

Siobhan is the Director of Continuous Improvement at Mary Kay, a global skincare and cosmetics company based in Dallas, Texas. Prior to this, Siobhan worked with Shell Oil for 17 years, in a variety of finance and compliance roles, and most recently as Senior Continuous Improvement Practitioner.

Siobhan has extensive experience in key business and finance focus areas such as operational excellence, customer service, value growth, ethics and business assurance. She is currently leading the transformation of Mary Kay by combining people, process and technology to solve business problems connected to the Enterprise Strategy.

Siobhan is a longstanding ACCA advocate, who went from completing her ACCA exams and experience with Shell Oil 20 years ago to later helping Shell and Mary Kay gain their Globally Approved Employer status. She currently serves as a Global Council Member and is also a member of the ACCA Global Sustainability Forum.