Negotiating and influencing are key skills in any professional's life, but are often ignored by accountants, and instead regarded as exclusive to sales people. In fact accountants are constantly negotiating to get their job done.

Whether persuading a client to accept an unwelcome write down, debating budgets with cost centre managers, or negotiating with the tax authorities to argue their clients' case, this webinar will help you to get the right outcome more of the time.

Key features

By attending, you will be able to:

  • frame conditional statements to get what you want
  • position negotiations as a win/win for both parties
  • understand and adapt your negotiation style
  • trade concessions to achieve the best results.


Alan Nelson

Alan Nelson is the founder and CEO of accountingcpd.net, long term ACCA partner, and award winning publisher of online CPD courses for accountants. He specialises in helping accountants develop personal and professional competencies to supplement their technical skills.

Alan was for many years a member of ACCA’s SME Committee. He is currently Chair of ICAEW’s Practice Assurance Committee and a member of their Professional Standards Board. Before founding accountingcpd.net, Alan was CEO of the leading educational publisher, Thomson Learning.