The ACCA career navigator - for the journey ahead

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This is a transcript of the video: ACCA Career Navigator - for the journey ahead

Are you ready for the journey ahead?

Our world is full of opportunity. So many destinations to explore. Sometimes the focus is getting from A to B. But other times, the journey itself defines the destination.

Do you know where you want to go? Are you equipped to get there?

Let the ACCA career navigator be your guide. Whether you're an individual carving your own career path, or a business developing future ready talent, our career navigator equips you for long term success.

To get ready for the journey ahead, start by exploring the blend of capabilities that will give you the edge as a sustainable business and finance professional. Delve into each capability for a deeper understanding of the attributes you should have, and how these evolve over different career levels. See a variety of roles associated with each level. Gain valuable insight into specific roles; learn what's involved, and the key responsibilities and the capabilities they require. Discover career stories from our members, and find current job opportunities like these all in one place. Access relevant learning and development to upskill and reach your goals with a clear view ahead.

Alternatively, if you already know where you want to go, navigate through an area of expertise or specific role right from the start. Get inspired by exploring our career zones and see where the ACCA Qualification can take you or your employees.

With more than 100 roles to discover from early career to senior leadership. You can be sure you're prepared for where you are today, where you plan to be in the future, and for any unexpected opportunities along the way.

Find your dream job or recruit the best and brightest talent by connecting with our world-leading employability site. Explore the ACCA career navigator, be inspired, get equipped and set your path to success, today.