Damien Skeete

Introducing Damien



Q: What difference do you bring to a business?

A: Apart from the core technical and ethical competencies, I bring an equally high level of other capabilities such as problem solving, being emotionally mature to be open to new ideas, working effectively with diverse groups, and creativity – finding better ways to add value. Showing empathy and creating a good working environment is important for true productivity. That’s what I aim to foster at Skeete, Best & Co.

Q: What future ambitions do you have?

A: As a small practitioner myself, I have a special interest in the sector. I’m aware of the significant contribution this sector makes to the GDP of every country in the world, and I believe SMPs are key to sustaining business recovery post COVID. But the sector is overlooked, so I wish to continue to shine a light on SMPs and impact the financial viability of economies the world over. Also, I continually strive for innovation, so we continue to be relevant in this changing world.

Q: What does connection mean to you?

A: It means opportunity to learn from each other. Opportunity to take advantage of knowledge and experiences that you aren’t familiar with. Also, the opportunity to truly grow the profession and maybe even save the world along the way.

Q: How important is it to feel part of something bigger?

It’s a privilege to be able to impact the profession and individuals within the profession in a meaningful way. Very often we are only concerned with what’s in it for me, instead of thinking, what can we do to help make things better? Active advocacy is the conduit through which we can enhance the profession and help unleash the talent of individuals who are up and coming. It’s remarkable to think you can have the opportunity through advocacy to make such a contribution.