University Accreditation

Exemption Accreditation enables ACCA to award a specific level of exemption to graduates of an educational programme following a full assessment of the programme's syllabus and assessments.


Accreditation of your programmes ensures that students registering with ACCA will receive a level of exemption which matches the knowledge and skills gained from their previous qualifications. Students will benefit from knowing which module choices will lead to maximum exemption from the ACCA examinations and will be assured of receiving the appropriate level of exemption immediately upon registration with ACCA.

ACCA’s accreditation handbook is primarily intended as a source of information for course leaders of educational programmes for which accreditation is already held or is being sought. It provides useful information for other parties, such as departmental heads, student advisers, and anyone with an interest in ACCA exemption accreditation and guidelines.

The accreditation handbook provides all the information and guidance needed to make an application, including:

  • How to Make an Application
  • Supporting Documentation Requirements
  • Syllabus Coverage
  • Programme Assessment Requirments
  • Comparability of Examinations

The Application Pack accompanies the handbook which can be completed and sent to the PQ Approvals Team along with all required documentation to make an application.

Alternatively, you can view sample exam papers as a guide to assist in the creation of comparable examinations.

Once completed, you can send the exemption application pack to

Exam review

Examinations for any individual or group of modules are reviewed to ensure that:

  • The balance of practice and theory is appropriate to the ACCA paper being considered
  • The style and standard of the examination questions or any other relevant assessment is comparable to the ACCA paper being considered
  • Significant areas of the syllabus and all core ACCA exam topic areas are covered
  • The structure of the examination paper and any other relevant assessment does not allow core ACCA exam topics to be avoided
  • The mark allocation for individual examination questions is comparable to the ACCA paper being considered.

Copyright notice

ACCA does not permit, under any circumstances, the unauthorised copying, reproduction or translation of ACCA’s qualifications. ACCA’s entire suite of qualifications remains the intellectual property of ACCA and should never be held out as the intellectual property of another party.

Any attempt to copy, replicate or translate any aspect of ACCA’s qualifications is an infringement of ACCA’s intellectual property rights and, as such, provides grounds for ACCA to pursue a claim for copyright infringement.

Please also note the link below which will direct you to the updated ACCA copyright policy.