If you meet ACCA's definition of part-time/semi-retired (you work 770 hours or less per year), you may set your own level of verifiable CPD, relevant to your role and responsibilities. You still need to achieve 19 units of non-verifiable CPD per year however the verifiable requirement may be reduced.

Members undertaking certain types of work are not eligible to follow this route so if you’re involved in the preparation or presentation of accounts that investors may rely on, or are a non-executive director of a listed company, you will need to follow a different route.

Ensure that you keep: 

  1. a summary of your non-verifiable CPD; 
  2. evidence of your verifiable CPD; and 
  3. a note of why you think your verifiable CPD is relevant and adequate for your role.

If you’re selected for a CPD review, you will also need to provide evidence that you’ve been working in a role that meets our part-time/semi-retired route conditions, and of the number of hours you worked.

Download our CPD evidence checklist for members working part time/semi-retired.

If you meet the requirements for the part-time/semi-retired route, you can complete your CPD declaration, selecting this route, via myACCA.