If you’ve been granted a waiver, you still need to submit your CPD declaration to confirm you’re in receipt of a waiver and have completed 19 units of non-verifiable CPD, plus any verifiable CPD units not covered by your waiver. You should select the ‘Unit route’ when completing your declaration.

Waivers for some, or all, of the verifiable CPD requirement are considered if you have been off work for at least one month for long-term and/or serious illness, maternity or paternity leave, unemployment, or a career break.

Waivers are granted pro rata to the length of absence. In exceptional circumstances, a discretionary waiver of 7 units of verifiable CPD can be granted in respect of onerous caring duties, even if you have not been off work. You will need to retain evidence of your eligibility for a waiver for three years and provide this if you are selected for a CPD review.

Please note that if you’ve not already applied, you may be eligible for a waiver for a previous year. If you think you may be eligible for a waiver you can read the waiver guidance and then apply for a waiver via myACCA. Any supporting evidence requested would need to be submitted to ACCA before this could be granted.

If you hold Irish statutory auditor status, you will not be eligible for a CPD waiver. Please contact Professional Development to discuss your circumstances.

Once your waiver has been granted you can submit your CPD declaration, selecting the Unit route, via myACCA.