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CPD doesn't have to be an expensive, difficult process. We've developed a range of learning resources that you can complete to suit you. Browse our options for completing CPD.

CPD partner profiles

We work with leading providers to deliver a range of high-quality, affordable online CPD resources that you can access on demand. Browse our partner profiles.

  • BPP
    BPP is a leading provider of online technical CPD for accounting.

    BPP has over 35 years of experience in providing leading edge training with many of the UK’s leading organisations and companies.

    They specialise in a range of law, financial services, accountancy and tax courses to help keep you up-to-date with some of the latest topics of the accountancy world. They have trained two thirds of the UK's accountants at some point in their career.

    They also have a range of leadership and personal development courses. Find out more about BPP's online CPD centre.

  • accountingcpd
    Working with leading industry specialists to develop bespoke CPD courses.

    accountingcpd, from Nelson Croom, is an online resource for high quality accounting CPD. 

    Their online courses encourage you to apply and practice what you have learnt. You can learn from your peers as well as from the experts, by sharing thoughts and ideas.

    accountingcpd have over 60 high-quality, in depth online CPD courses designed specifically for accountants and financial professionals. All courses are written by leading experts in their fields.

    View accountingcpd's online catalogue.

  • Prodigy Learning
    Prodigy Learning Logo - small - cropped
    Prodigy Learning is a leading player in the training and certification industry in the UK and Ireland.

    They have been supplying a wide range of certification and learning solutions for Adobe, Autodesk, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft products for over 15 years.

    Prodigy Learning are offering ACCA members official Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016 certification and online video training, to help them meet their annual CPD requirement plus the exciting opportunity to gain the official MOS Excel certification for their CV's.

    View the Microsoft Office Specialist products

  • Kaplan
    Kaplan Hawkesmere is leading the way in the development of online training solutions.

    Kaplan Hawksmere has delivered training for over 25 years and are one of the UK’s leading providers of training solutions. They specialise in the key areas of finance, business and management development and all of their staff are highly experienced subject matter experts.

    The Kaplan online webinars provide you with a one-stop briefing on all that is relevant in IFRS® Standards. The webinars can be delivered in live or recorded format to offer you maximum convenience and quality.

  • CrossKnowledge
    CrossKnowledge is a leader in cloud-based distance learning.

    CrossKnowledge offer a range of online courses that have been designed to deliver a unique learning experience. Their learning content and formats have been developed by some of the best authors, professors and management professionals from the most renowned business schools in the world.

  • W.Consulting
    W.Consulting is an independent accounting training advisory business.

    W.Consulting works with a team of experts, they have delivered training in over 20 countries.

    The company was established in 2005 and is a leading financial reporting advisory firm, specialising in updating people on IFRS Standards in a dynamic and interactive way. In 2007 they launched their online Fundamentals Live e-learning system.

    Their team are active in various financial reporting industry bodies which means their material is up-to-date, practical and useful. 

    The Fundamentals e-learning system has recently been enhanced to improve your user experience.