How do I obtain a CPA Canada designation?

Under their provision to recognize members of IFAC member bodies, CPA Canada provides a route to membership for ACCA members. Information is available on the CPA Canada website.

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Can I continue to study ACCA in Canada?

There are a number of Approved Learning Partners who provide online courses for ACCA students in Canada. Search our Tuition Provider Directory for E-Learning options. One such provider is Kaplan; learn more about Kaplan's ACCA offerings.

ACCA has one face-to-face Approved Learning Partner in Canada:

Toronto School of Management – Toronto, Ontario

Contact ACCA Canada ( for a list of Canadian learning institutions which have been accredited by ACCA.

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Are there any schools that offer an embedded ACCA Master’s program?

University of Toronto Scarborough – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

University of Toronto Scarborough students who successfully complete their MAccFin graduate degree will be eligible for direct entry to the ACCA Strategic Professional Level exams. Students who successfully graduate with their BBA Accounting Specialist degree will receive exemptions from all nine Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams on a fast track to the ACCA qualification. Visit the UTS website for more information about their programs.

Schulich School of Business at York University – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ACCA affiliates and members can apply for advanced standing in Schulich’s MBA or MAcc programs. Visit the Schulich website for more information.


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How can I sit an exam within Canada?

There are exam centres across Canada, however during the Covid-19 pandemic, ACCA is offering Remotely Invigilated exams in Canada.

All examination scheduling is handled by ACCA Connect, our student services team. Connect can be reached by emailing or by calling 1-888-801-0011x1 toll-free from Canada.

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Are you able to help me obtain a Work Visa for Canada?

ACCA Canada is not authorized to provide information relating to any immigration matters. For more information, please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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I recently moved to Canada. How do I get access to local events and information?

When you arrive in Canada, please update your contact and employment details on your myACCA Portal. Once your contact details reflect your new Canadian mailing address, you will begin receiving local updates and event invitations from the Canada office.

In addition, email ACCA Canada at to inform the team that you have moved to Canada. We will be pleased to provide you with additional resources and an ‘ACCA Canada Orientation Guide’.


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Can you help me receive my ACCA transcript?

You may contact ACCA Connect by emailing or by calling +1-888-801-0011x1 toll-free from Canada.


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Do you have a list of Foreign Credential Evaluation Services?

To aid your job hunt, you may want to obtain an evaluation of your qualifications through World Education Services to find out how it is valued in the Canadian market. WES will rank your prior education and qualifications.

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