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Performance metrics come under Financial Reporting Lab's microscope

The Financial Reporting Council’s Financial Reporting Lab has been looking into how investors regard the many different performance metrics used by...

Risk and performance: Embedding risk management

Ensuring effective risk management in any organisation is essential and fundamental to the organisation's success.

Enterprise performance management: an eye on performance

This short report is the culmination of three projects jointly commissioned by ACCA and KPMG to assess how EPM can support success across the ...

Non-financial performance reporting needs a fluff-free guarantee

The growing demand for non-financial performance reporting makes a mechanism to guarantee its credibility and comparability an ever more pressing ...

Management theories: seven ways to evaluate performance

In his second article exploring the world of management theories, Dr Tony Grundy considers seven models for assessing corporate performance

Performance reporting: an eye on the facts

We take a look with KPMG at how Performance Reporting can really benefit organisational decision making.

Changing face of additional performance measures in UK

Additional performance measures can assist users in making investment decisions but they have limitations, says Graham Holt

Making the most of key performance indicators

In this third article in his series on key performance measures, David Parmenter looks at the four distinct types and provides an example of the ...

Alternative performance measures need to stay in their proper place

Adam Deller considers how the reporting of alternative performance measures more prominently than statutory figures is compromising transparency ...

How strategic planning and performance management could change in the future

As part of our series exploring the trends most likely to shape the profession over the next decade, we look at the impact on strategic planning ...

Election howlers and the lessons for performance measurement

A run of election upsets ushered in by consistently inaccurate polling forecasts holds a key lesson for corporate performance measurement, as ...

Shared leadership can boost team performance

In the final instalment of her series on high-performing teams, Alison Young looks at how the most successful collaborations are greater than the ...

Reassessing performance metrics

The leadership competency models we’re used to are no longer fit for purpose. It’s time to rethink our approach, says Alison Young – and to keep ...

Alternative performance measures need to stay in their proper place

Adding value

The IASB’s practice statement on management commentary and the MASB’s SOP 3 provide a framework, explains Ramesh Ruben Louis

The IASB is listening to investors' concerns about goodwill and impairment

An IASB discussion paper on goodwill and impairment reveals the problems investors have in assessing subsequent performance, says Adam Deller