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Performance targets

Gillian Fawcett, January 2010. This paper examines the utility of technocratic techniques for addressing social objectives, with specific reference...

Members of the Global Forum for Governance Risk and Performance

Membership list for the forum.

Enterprise Performance Management: an eye on performance

This report is the culmination of three surveys jointly commissioned by ACCA and KPMG to assess how EPM can support business planning, reporting ...

Technical factsheet: Managing performance

A well-managed workforce is generally a happier and more productive one. Managing performance is about recognising good performers and motivating ...

Checklist: using performance indicators

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, can help you measure how your business is performing in particular areas, so you can track and improve this ...

Reporting service performance information

Comments from ACCA to the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board.

Regulatory performance assessment consultation by LSB

ACCA response to 'Regulatory performance assessment', a public consultation issued by the Legal Services Board (LSB)

Back in the game: global SME performance review 2013/14

This report reviews the performance of SMEs around the world during 2013/14. It is the second ACCA–IMA global SME performance review and compares ...

The ACCA Global Forum for Governance, Risk and Performance

Influencing policy makers and regulators to create an appropriate environment for responsible and profitable business.

PAAinE - performance reporting

Comments from ACCA to the European Financial Reporting Action Group (EFRAG), 2009

Consultation on guidance for business on environmental key performance indicators

Comments from ACCA to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 24 September 2012.

Performance Reporting – an eye on the facts

This global report evaluates how the Enterprise Performance Management capability is providing the CFO with the appropriate people, process and ...

Harnessing diversity for global business performance

This briefing paper introduces the 2011–12 ACCA–ESRC roundtables about harnessing diversity in business with some short examples of how diversity, ...

Driving business performance through diversity

This joint ACCA–ESRC report summarises the views of three expert panels on diversity in business held in London, Shanghai and Delhi between ...

Governance, risk and performance conference 2014: voting results and resources

ACCA's March 2014 conference looked at four areas: creating value through governance, risk reporting, corporate culture and behaviour and ...

Updating the PEFA performance measurement framework

Comments from ACCA to the PEFA Secretariat.