ACCA supports City-Ukraine hub in revitalising economy and attracting investment  

Leading global accountancy body sets out programme to support financial ecosystem in Ukraine

ACCA is working with partners in Ukraine and the UK to support the development of the Ukrainian financial and related professional services through the ‘City-Ukraine Hub.’

ACCA Northern Europe is developing activities on the ground in Ukraine while ACCA is working with organisations in the City of London. The initiatives follow the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between trade body The CityUK, the London Stock Exchange and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine on 23rd January 2024. 

The commitment to this venture reflects ACCA's ongoing commitment to supporting the development of the Ukrainian financial and professional services sector in the face of challenging circumstances. 

Agnieszka Jarosz, head of Northern & Eastern Europe, ACCA, said: ‘ACCA has had an unwavering commitment of Ukraine in the two years since the invasion of the country by Russia. We continue to support Ukrainian members wherever they are now living and working. The City-Ukraine Hub – which we are delighted to support – gives us the opportunity to go further.’

This includes  Mastering Financial Reporting: ACCA’s University Academics Workshop scheduled for March 14th followed by the Reconnecting Resilience: ACCA Ukraine Finance Community Network an event which will recognise new members in Ukraine. 

Jarosz added: ‘Reconnecting Resilience celebrates the collective efforts of members in building the local finance community and marks a significant milestone in this collaborative effort. These two events signify a pivotal moment in our commitment to fostering excellence within the financial community.’

Reconnecting Resilience is set to shine a spotlight on new members in Ukraine recognising their  collective efforts in strengthening the local finance community. This marks a significant step forward in ACCA Northern Europe’s  mission to build stronger professional networks, facilitate knowledge exchange, and promote resilience within the finance sector.

Jarosz concluded: ‘ The event serves as a testament to ACCA's dedication to collaborative learning and community-building. By uniting academics, professionals, and new members, we aim to create a dynamic platform that fosters innovation, resilience, and excellence in financial practices.

Vikas Aggarwal, regional head of Public Affairs, ACCA, said: ‘ACCA is proud to be part of the MOU and we look forward to supporting Ukraine’s economic development through a range of activities. As a leading global accountancy body we have unique strengths, experience and knowledge which hope will be a real asset in this vital initiative.’ 


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