ACCA urges new UK government to prioritise finance and economics in first 100 days

Leading accountancy body sets out plan of action for incoming administration

As the Labour party is set to form the next government following the UK general election on 4 July, leading global accountancy body ACCA (s calling on the new administration to prioritise finance and economics issues in first 100 days.

ACCA UK is keen to work with the incoming government to deliver much needed reforms in a range of areas. And is well placed to do so with  over 90,000 members working up and down the country, across all sectors, public and private, from micro businesses to large firms, helping individuals, organisations and businesses to thrive.

Glenn Collins, Head of Technical and Strategic Engagement, ACCA UK, said:‘The incoming Labour government must act swiftly, as the first 100 days in office are crucial for any new administration. ACCA would welcome outline timetables for addressing key issues, such as economic, fiscal and corporate governance reforms. A focus on increasing business confidence through improvements to the HMRC service, encouraging investment (both domestic and international) and supporting small business owners effectively with growth are all things ACCA has raised previously this year.

‘The nation is experiencing a large skills gap, with multiple industries needing skilled workers to help boost productivity and business growth. ACCA advocates a review of the apprenticeship levy, as well as including mutual recognition of professional qualifications in future trade deals, as these remain an important method of accessing careers in finance and addressing skills shortages. 

‘Business confidence and investment have also been challenged for the last few years. ACCA calls on the new government to focus on creating a framework for growth, nurturing a transparent and trustworthy business ecosystem. ACCA advocates for immediate and drastic change at HMRC, with taxpayers and their agents enduring unacceptably low service standards. ACCA calls for action to restore trust between HMRC, taxpayers and agents by implementing a programme of improvements, including additional resource and training for staff.

The issues raised are covered in more detail in the UK’s policy prospectus.

Collins added: ‘ACCA would welcome any clarity from the incoming government on how it will address these concerns within the first three months in office.’ 

The accounting profession makes a significant contribution to the UK economy. In 2022, it is estimated that the profession contributed £80.7 billion to UK GDP and was responsible for an estimated tax contribution of approximately £10.1 billion to the UK Exchequer.


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