ACCA celebrates the power of neurodiversity

To celebrate Neurodiversity Week, ACCA experts lead global event on why neurodivergent talent in accountancy is critical to the success of the profession in the future.

Results from a major survey of the accountancy profession suggest that employers’ focus on aspects of diversity must be more balanced. 41% of all respondents expressed concerns that their organisation focuses more on certain aspects of diversity than others, rising to 46% for Gen Z respondents. This finding is particularly relevant in a business environment where other markers of diversity such as neurodiversity in the workplace are slowly starting to gain relevant attention. 

To explore the critical issue of neurodiversity in accountancy, ACCA is hosting a global webinar on 21 March hearing from leading experts to explore the power of neurodiverse talent why it matters for today's profession.

Building on findings from the largest annual global survey of work and talent practices across the accountancy profession with almost 10,000 survey respondents, ACCA’s Global Talent Trends 2024, suggest that equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) practices are critical as a key part of the employee proposition. 

Jamie Lyon, head of skills, sectors and technology at ACCA, said: "To be competitive and innovative for the future, it’s really important that organisations have access to a real diversity of talent in their workforces. One key marker of diversity that demands greater focus in the months and years ahead is neurodiversity, and recognition of the unique skills and capabilities that neuro-divergent talent can bring to the organisation. Over the coming months ACCA will be exploring this key issue and championing this really important agenda across the accountancy profession".

Find out more about our Global Talent Trends diversity research here.

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