Understanding the context of corporate governance debate

Good corporate governance is not a box-ticking exercise. It is instead a means by which organisations may achieve their own purpose in the long term.

ACCA believes there are some critical questions for companies – and also society - to consider. What should drive companies in shaping their business purpose? How can good corporate governance help? 

Society determines, in the long run, which businesses thrive, and how. ACCA, a global body of professional accountants, has a stake in this as the profession mediates between undigested data and the useful information on which society and businesses, equally, rely.

 Five themes that are recurring in the corporate governance debate:

  1. the relationship between companies and society
  2. diversity and balance
  3. enabling an effective board
  4. executive remuneration
  5. gatekeepers of corporate governance

These themes, both individually and taken together, demonstrate that the long-term prosperity of society relies on businesses and vice versa. Our tenets look at each in turn and set out our current thinking to help readers navigate the complex yet dynamic issues involved. 

We aim to take the debate on existing issues forward and contribute to the corporate governance debate globally. We would be delighted to engage with readers to explore any of these topics, and others beyond the report.